The reason why male violence and mass shootings or male violence period are not discussed because our culture supports patriarchal views and religions. We have had a long tradition of raise our daughters to be responsible and explain away our male inappropriate behaviors. Our culture is more busy telling women what they should look like, act like and feel and completely ignores the other half regarding standards, morals, etc. While men, traditionally have waged war on the globe with the support of religion (also male based) and violence is upheld (football) and applauded along with hefty financial rewards. War is our largest industry and looked upon as honorable. Our culture denies men’s feelings and teaches them emotions are to be ridiculed and ignored or that they are ‘girly’. We send very biased messaged in the media as well. Our history books are male based centered on wars and conquest totally ignoring the glorious contributions of women to civilization. So when a culture presents war and violence as a ‘manly’ white right it certain gets where its headed.


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