During a training session, Ava became rampant and attacked Spider-Man without hesitation. Nova moved in to stop her, but was quickly defeated and tossed aside as she ran into the streets and caused havoc. During her destruction of property, she ate several foods rather maliciously. After waking out of her trance, she claimed to have not remembered anything during her previous state of being and remembered only hearing a drum beat before losing control. By the next day, she became careless towards keeping herself in any type of redeemable condition and instead, became disgusting to her teammates as she drank from the carton. She went out and tried to attack a man wearing a rat costume before being pushed away by Spider-Man. She urged him to leave her alone, something Peter did not want to do. Spider-Man stated that she was family and the team wasn't going to let her fall like that. She dusted him off and continued on her pursuit. She eventually found , barely dodging a trap after Spider-Man came to her aid and pushed her out of the way. Though Kraven merely wanted her Tiger Amulet, White Tiger would not give it up and tried to fight him on her own. Despite Spider-Man's aid, she was less than willing to allow him to aid her and told him to leave her to face her own enemy. Spider-Man continued to ignore her wishes and fought by her side. As Spider-Man continued to question her, she revealed to him her motive for hating Kraven, being the fact that he had killed her father, as well as his own father. After Kraven managed to get her Tiger Amulet, Spider-Man believed the two to have won before White Tiger revealed that they had lost. After Kraven stole her amulet, White Tiger was forced to resort to her own strength. Despite her initial unwillingness to do so, she found herself trying to fight off Kraven and several of the tigers he had attracted since becoming mutated by the Tiger Amulet. She succeeded in retrieving it and quickly overpowered Kraven. He was still unwilling to give up and she and Spider-Man took turns attacking him. After Kraven laid weakened, White Tiger prepared to finish him off before Spider-Man stopped her. Taking this as a mere obstacle, she ordered him to get out of her way. However, Spider-Man would not do so and instead revealed to her the story of how he lost his . She related to him and chose to merely have Kraven incarcerated for his crimes. The two later talked privately, with Ava giving Spider-Man a hug for his involvement in stopping her old enemy. However, their conversation was cut short by the meddling of Nova, whom had spent his time recording the two. She then chased after him, soon followed by Spider-Man, whom himself wanted to get the two fighting on video.


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