The vessel may have been listed in Lloyd's Register ('LR') from 1834, thru 1836/37. It is listed from 1840/41 thru 1846/47, then, after a gap of two years, in 1849/50 & 1850/51. In the first period the LR data is cryptic indeed. A vessel of the name, of 79 tons, was registered at Sunderland & captained by J. Garth. Was it this Mary Ann? I suspect so but the identification is tentative, the available data being fragmentary without even the vessel's date of build. From 1840/41 thru 1846/47, the vessel, now of 70 tons, was owned by Hodgson of Blyth, Northumberland, for service from Blyth to Yarmouth, Norfolk, & for service as a Yarmouth coaster. With J. Watts serving as the vessel's captain until part way thru 1843/44 & 'Cockburn', thereafter. The LR data in 1846/47 is minimal, which suggests that the vessel may well have then been sold. In 1849/50 & in 1850/51, R. Stafford, of Blyth, is listed as the vessel's owner with W. Short serving as her captain. For service as a Blyth coaster. Again the available data (1850/51) is minimal. The vessel would seem to have been registered at Yarmouth since 1850, certainly from 1858 thru 1860. Signal letters JFWP. At an unknown date in 1861, per line 1946 on page, Mary Ann was lost at sea. Crew of 4 - none lost. Then stated to be owned by Joseph Read. So far I have not spotted the vessel listed in any shipping directory such as the North of England Register, Christie's Shipping Register or others. Can you anything? Y


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