The cloning process is not yet perfected nor one hundred percentaccurate, in fact, it took Ian Wilmut more than 277 attempts before thesuccessful creation of a "healthy viable lamb" .Furthermore, Ian Wilmut explains that mistakes where made in hisprocedure and there is uncertainty whether a fetus or adult cell wasused in his steps of creating "Dolly" .Cloning of humans will be a much more difficult task and a huge riskwhere a number of things can go wrong causing malformation and diseasesin the human body .It involved a slightly different process where a somatic cell must betaken from the female. These somatic cells will be harder to work withbecause they are specialized cells where genes are "turned off" andunable to turn back "on" . In addition, the "human clone" will be a "time-delayed identical twin" .Because of these complications and imperfections the government hastaken action with the proposal of the Cloning Prohibition Act of 1997by President Bill Clinton , . With this bill there would be no "implantation of cloned cells into the human .President Clinton believes that "any discovery that teaches upon humancreation is not simply a matter of scientific inquiry but also a matterof morality and spirituality" .In addition to the actions of the President the National BioethicsAdvisory Commission (NBAC) agrees that no human cloning shall takeplace because at the present time it is not justified to produce ahuman child by the cloning procedure used to create "Dolly" , .The NBAC stresses that there is potentially a greater risk with humanerror as well as having numerous failed attempts before creating aperfect clone , .They are concerned about the psychological damage and the disappearanceof individuality if human cloning became a common practice .Both the President and the NBAC find it morally wrong and currentlyinappropriate to put human cloning into practice.


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