Welcome to the web pages of the Metaphysics Research Lab. Whereasphysics is the attempt to discover the laws that govern fundamentalconcrete objects, metaphysics is the attempt to discover the laws thatsystematize the fundamental abstract objects byphysical science, such as mathematical objects and relations, possiblestates and events, types (as opposed to tokens), possible and futureobjects, complex properties, etc. Abstract objects are even needed tounderstand what may turn out to be scientific fictions (e.g.,causality, models) as well as clearcut cases of scientific fictions(e.g., absolute simultaneity, the aether, and phlogiston). The goal ofmetaphysics, therefore, is to develop a formal ontology, i.e., aformally precise systematization of these abstract objects. Such atheory will be compatible with the world view of natural science ifthe abstract objects postulated by the theory are conceived aspatterns of the natural world.


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