Mother Precious Wilmer left the car running near the gas pumps as she went inside the convenience store. As she was coming out, someone was driving away. A short time later, a Georgia State University police officer found 4-year-old Arya Davenport walking down the shoulder of the road near Interstate 285 and Riverdale Road. An Amber Alert was posted for baby Ava Wilmer, who was wearing a pink snowsuit. At about 7 p.m., A WSB-TV cameraman alerted officers that he saw something in the road on South Fulton Parkway. An officer accompanied the videographer and the baby was found, strapped in her car seat, in the right-hand lane of the parkway. Both children appeared to be unharmed, but were taken to the hospital to be checked out due to exposure to the cold. Atlanta police found Wilmer's car abandoned near 2285 Metropolitan Parkway. The car thief and child abductor has not been located. Anyone with information about the suspect is urged to call Clayton County police at .


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