There are arguments against the wearing of school uniforms. By mandating uniforms, gang members would be camouflaged within the school population, with no outwardly visible sign to alert school personnel. It has also been suggested that uniforms would undermine efforts by many schools to understand and appreciate diversity (Howe, 1996.) In a Long Beach, California study, 80% of the middle school students indicated that fights would not be reduced because of uniforms. 68% felt that uniforms did not help them become a part of the school. 71.2% stated they did not feel safer going to and from school because of uniforms (Stanley, 1996.) This Long Beach study also revealed that the very people who were affected by the uniform policy were not involved in the planning process. Students and parents need to be made a part of the selection process when choosing school uniforms. Choices should be stylish and attractive, making them acceptable and likable by kids (Curriculum Review, 1994.)


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