You could always make your own slingshot and test out how it goes for different angles and amount of draw (pull-back). One student (Jack) at Kuranda State High School (North Queensland) made a huge slingshot using steel waterpipe and 8 mm thick speargun rubber. He worked out the spring constant in the classroom and then looked at conservation of mechanical energy in his big slingshot on the oval. He varied , and of projectile as his independent variables; and was the dependent variable. The photos below came from his EEI. My thanks to his Physics teacher Ruth Moxon for getting Jack's permission to use these photos. Note: Slingshots are not "firearms" at present under the Queensland Weapons Act 1990 but there is a concern that commercial slingshots can be lethal. Of particular concern to police is the Saunders Falcon 2 Wrist Rocket Slingshot type which can be quite lethal. It may be described as a weapon in changes to the Act (you should check; and you should see the "" note above). The one shown in these photos is not likely to be of any concern under the Act.


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