Encryption isn't just protecting the patriots, those that want to simply keep proprietary, financial, medical, or otherwise private and personal information safe from prying eyes. Despite those that say they should already have all the information on anyone they need through social medial, encryption is also protecting the bad guys-they encrypt files, too. ISIS uses encryption over chat apps to organize military-style attacks and terrorist bombings, and they aren't posting their home addresses on their FB accounts! Plans to attack institutions will likely be stored and transmitted to their partners as encrypted by their criminal attackers. This forum seems to be pretty one-sided and people overlook the "police" aspect of this, where police and security firms need the ability to see if they can pre-empt some of these plots before they cause 9-11-style damage and loss of life. If even one life is saved because the NSA decryption algorithms were used by the police or FBI to stop such a plot, it is well-worth their doing it. If your records are so personal to you that you think even the *potential* that the NSA could see them is not worth this to you, I would strongly encourage you to re-think your position. No one cares you have a birthmark on your bum or a house in the Cayman Islands you don't want your wife to know about. That is not why the NSA needs to crack encryption, and they aren't looking through the average citizen's medical or financial records. They are subject to getting warrants just like the FBI or any other agency, which means they need probable cause - a reason that a federal magistrate can agree with - to look into what they are looking into. Don't want them looking at you, don't give them a reason!


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