Why did I include a 2018 Honda NM4 when this is a 2017 model lineup breakdown? Honda didn’t build a 2017 NM4 due to damage from an earthquake at their manufacturing plant last year which created a huge delay in production on many models. The 2017 model year NM4 was already slated for production and information had already been released as well as orders placed in the USA by dealers. Thankfully, Honda is doing an early model year release for the 2018 NM4 to help make up for that. Now, let’s get back to the regular scheduled programming and go over some details on the NM4 or as I like to call it – The Batmobile motorcycle. The NM4 is a “limited production” model from Honda so if you plan on getting your hands on a 2018 model, I would be contacting your local dealer.


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