In 1953, Plath wrote articles for local newspapers like the and the as their Smith College correspondent. Her short story, "Sunday at the Mintons" won first prize in a contest. From this story, she also won a Guest Editorship at at in New York City during June 1953. (The offices have since moved & the magazine recently ceased publication.) She and several other young women stayed at the women only , at 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue. The events of this very important month are well covered in her novel, . (In she calls the hotel, The Amazon.) Her published journals for these months are thin, and do not reveal too much about the breakdown that followed. She returned from the New York exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically. She was banking on being admitted to a Harvard summer class on writing. When she received word she had not been accepted, Sylvia Plath's fate was also secured. Her journals end abruptly in July. For details of the summer of 1953, readers must rely on information Plath put down in a few letters to friends and in her novel, .


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