As time passes it becomes more difficult to separate fact from fantasy with regard to historical figures.
The internet is just polluted with an awful lot of thinking rather than actually knowing, and the "know it alls" spread their poison with no due regard for those who would know the truth.
I think that if more people, especially fans of the Ford automobile knew not just what kind of an individual Henry Ford really was but also the politics of the present Ford Motor Company, they might just be a little more
humble. I think the bottom line with Henry was that he was a jealous man. He was jealous of intellect, and in his company it was wasted. That he figuratively hog-tied his engineers in their pursuits is rediculous.
It would seem that Henry’s biggest problem was Henry’s ego. That he couldn’t let his engineers develop
and refine without his intervention is a simple reflection of what Henry really was; poorly educated and resting his laurels on the shoulders of giants. That some people actually view Henry Ford as some kind of hero makes me want to spew. The man insulted the intelligence of a great many others who’s talents seriously eclipsed his own. I find it remarkable that his alpha-male attitude was tolerated and equally remarkable that no one brained him with a hammer; but such is the way of things, right?
It might explain why the most sought after Ford type flathead engines by the American Hot Rod community are the castings poured in France. That’s because the French would not be told by Ford how to run their foundry and the French block castings have serviceable cores. None of that 50% block rejection rate nonsense.
Anyway, for those who would want to know more about Henry Ford and his Motor Company I will provide this URL:


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