He believed that, using a school system operated by white missionary teachers, Native Americans could be culturally transformed in one generation (Spring 23.) civilizing Native Americans included conversion to Christianity as a result thousands of otherwise illiterate Cherokee people were able to read and write shortly after its development The Naturalization act of 1970
excluded Native Americans from citizenship
was in an attempt to hold the belief that it was crucial to the foundation of early America that its citizenship consisted of a “homogenous” demographic of whites
Natives were considered, by this act, “domestic foreigners.” An example of modern reservation housing Laws that Influenced
Deculturalization Culture Wars The Great Civil Rights Movement

NAACP fought the segregation of schools and public facilities and demanded recognition of African American culture in schools
Overturned the separate but equal doctrine, said separate facilities are inherently unequal Brown
Board of Education
(1954) Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus and was arrested
Martin Luther King and other black ministers organized the boycott
Lasted over a year Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Martin Luther King Jr.


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