Guadeloupe is the place to go if you want easily accessible nightlife. When I was in Guadeloupe we managed to find a place to go dancing near without knowing any locals or having to search the internet/ask around. Guadeloupe is also a great place to go for nature, as it has it’s own separate part of the island called Basse Terre that is said to be really raw with plenty of waterfalls and hikes. I also found Guadeloupe to be a lot easier to manage when it came to building a basic tourist itinerary. You have a National Park, Botanical Garden, beaches and as I stated more bars and nightlife. Guadeloupe is also bigger because it is comprised of several little islands, so if you have the budget and time you can island hop easily. One thing that you have to try in Gwada that Martinique doesn’t have is Bokit, which is like a fried sandwich but better because it’s usually made with fresh bread and served with fish or hamburger meat and your choice of eggs, lettuce or cheese inside.


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