The war brought the virus back into the US for the second wave of the epidemic. It first arrived in Boston in September of 1918 through the portbusy with war shipments of machinery and supplies. The war also enabledthe virus to spread and diffuse. Men across the nation were mobilizing tojoin the military and the cause. As they came together, they brought thevirus with them and to those they contacted. The virus killed almost200,00 in October of 1918 alone. In November 11 of 1918 the end of the war enabled a resurgence. As people celebrated Armistice Day with paradesand large partiess, a complete disaster from the standpoint, a rebirth of the epidemic occurred in some cities. The flu that winter was beyondimagination asmillions were infected and thousands died. Just as the war had effectedthe course of influenza, influenza affected the war. Entire fleets wereill with the disease and men on the front were too sick to fight. Theflu was devastating to both sides, killing more men than their ownweapons could.


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