So spake our Sire, and by his
on studious thoughts abstruse, which
where in sight,
With lowliness Majestic from her seat,
And Grace to wish her stay,
Rose, and went forth among her Fruits and ,
To visit how they , bud and bloom,
Her ; they at her coming sprung
And by her fair tendance gladlier grew.
Yet went she not, as not with such
Delighted, or not capable her
Of what was high: such pleasure she ,
relating, she sole Auditress;
Her the Relater she
Before the Angel, and of him to ask
Chose rather: , she knew would intermix
Grateful digressions, and solve high dispute
With , from his Lip
Not Words alone her. O when meet now
Such pairs, in Love and mutual ?
With Goddess-like forth she went;
Not unattended, for on her as Queen
A of winning waited still,
And from about her shot Darts of desire
Into all Eyes to .
And now to
Benevolent and thus .


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