3 The many documents that Catholic Bishops, especially in Latin America have devoted to the problems of agriculture in recent years are a clear reflection of this concern. Apart from the documents of the General Conferences of Latin American Bishops held in Rio de Janeiro (1955), Medellin (, 1968), 1979) and Santo Domingo , 1992), see also the following: Episcopal Conference of Paraguay, (Asuncion, 12 June 1983); South Andean Bishops, (30 March 1986);Episcopal Conference of Guatemala, (, 29 February 1988); Apostolic Vicariate of Darien, Panama, (8 December 1988); Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica, (San Jose, 2 August 1994); Episcopal Conference of Honduras (Tegucigalpa, 28 August 1995). The National Episcopal Conference of Brazil, and particularly the Pastoral Commission for Land, have spoken out several times on the subject of agrarian reform:(Goiania, 1 August 1995); (Brasflia, 29 February 1996); (Itaici, 24 April 1996).


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