This is fairly complete, but possibly not totally complete, list of periodical publications of Sylvia Plath's work. There are likely Plath publications no one has yet found. The types of works included in this list are poems, short stories, articles, essays, letters, and book reviews. There are several works in the list that are not in any other Plath bibliography.

There are five published bibliographies for Plath's work:
by Sheryl Meyering (1990)
by Stephen Tabor (1987)
by Gary Lane and Maria Stevens (1978)
by Cameron Northouse and Thomas P. Walsh (1974)
by Eric Homberger (1970)

Information is as complete an accurate as possible; please excuse any errors! The standard format I used is:
"Work title. Periodical name. Date: Page number." Please email me any corrections or additions. Thank you.


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