My husband has sensed a presence in our house over the years…shadow people, objects disappearing and reappearing later or in bizarre places…and my daughter' radio and lights have mysteriously turned on during the day while we are gone. I had not been witness to anything paranormal until yesterday. My husband left his personal audio recording device on his bathroom counter. He looked at it later and saw that there was one recording…he knew he had erased everything. He listened and heard an eerie voice and shared it with me. It was a man's voice saying something like 'bring on destruction' and then some wicked laughing and footsteps walking away. The recording lasts less than 30 seconds, and no one was in the bathroom all day to turn it on and off. We have emailed a local paranormal group to tell them what has happened and to ask if we should have an investigation. Our concern is that we will stir up more forces in the house…they seemed harmless, but now feel evil. My husband was doing lots of yard work this weekend and moving large rocks around the property. We had spoken to another ghost hunter group last summer about it, and that was their first question…if the earth had been tampered with and could the house be on burial ground. How would we find out if we are on burial ground, and what can we do to calm or get rid of the forces?


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