A: Yes, it would be proper to fly several or more American Flags lined up in front of your hotel, or lining a drive, etc. The Flag Code says the Flag may be displayed around the clock with proper illumination (and even in inclement weather if your Flag is made of all-weather material). If you mean by "when until when," time: without proper illumination, the Flag Code states that it is the universal custom to display the Flag only from sunrise to sunset. If you mean how many days, that is up to you. The Flag Code says that the Flag should be displayed on all days, but especially New Year's Day (January 1), Inauguration Day (January 20), Lincoln's Birthday (February 12), Washington's Birthday (3rd Monday in February), Easter Sunday (variable), Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May), Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday in May), Memorial Day (half-staff until noon; the last Monday in May), Flag Day (June 14), Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day (1st Monday in September), Constitution Day (September 17), Columbus Day (2nd Monday in October), Navy Day (October 27), Veterans Day (November 11), Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November), Christmas Day (December 25), and such other days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States; the birthday of your state on its date of admission (New York is July 26); and on state holidays.


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