Cicero went to Greece, as Clodius had his villas and home inRome burned down. The emotional Cicero became dejected; the biographerPlutarch was surprised he did not take this change of fortunemore philosophically. After the Clodius tribunate, senators and gathered popularsupport for the return of Cicero. Finally the senate decided theywould not transact any public business until it was decreed; butresisting tribunes were wounded in the forum, and Cicero's brotherQuintus was nearly killed. People from other cities organized,and drove theforces of Clodius out of the forum so that the people could voteto welcome Cicero back to Rome and to re-build his houses at publicexpense. Cicero rejoined the senate in the summer of 57 BC duringa grain crisis and immediately proposed that Pompey should beput in charge of a board of 15 commissioners; he in turn namedCicero as the first commissioner. In November armed rowdies ofClodius drove off the workman re-building Cicero's house, burnedthe house of his brother Quintus, and made an incendiary attackon the house of Milo; Cicero predicted that Milo would kill Clodius.


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