The major focus of the Institute is its efforts towards thebeginning of actually rebuilding the Holy Temple, beginning withthe restoration of sacred Temple vessels. The Institute maintainsan exhibition of recreated Temple vessels, THE TREASURES OF THETEMPLE, which is visited by over 100,000 people annually. Thesevessels are made according to the exact specifications of theBible, and have been constructed from the original source materials,such as gold, copper, silver and wood. These are not merely replicasor models, but authentic, accurate vessels that are fit and readyfor use in the service of the Holy Temple. Thus it is our prayerthat these items, featuring musical instruments played by theLevitical choir, the golden crown of the High Priest, and goldand silver vessels used in the incense and sacrificial services,will be used in the rebuilt Holy Temple. After many years of effortand toil, the Institute has just recently completed the threemost important and central vessels of the Divine service: theseven-branched candelabra, or Menorah, made of pure gold, thegolden Incense Altar, and the golden Table of the Showbread.


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