Fake arguments are slick, plausible, possible, and sway weak minds. Use of fake arguments is the stock in trade of politics and political campaigns. They are intended to gain political advantage, not reveal eternal truths. But the fake arguments fall apart under any serious analysis. But all too often, the Sophist who is using fake arguments is not relying on ultimately proving the truth of the matter. Instead, he is attempting to give his side ammunition in a political debate. He creates talking points which can be used to obscure the issues and avoid the real questions he should be answering. Such is the case with Father Martin. He is a political actor, not a sage of the church. He is not acting as a Catholic, but as a political force from within the church. The thing about fake arguments is that if you can get a loud enough mob to mouth your fake arguments, then you just might win by mob action rather than deep reflection and reason. Father Martin is simply giving guidance to his mob, nothing more, nothing less. As has been pointed out, he will not even state Church teaching in its entirety. He avoids talking about the obvious answer, the Courage Apostolate. In fact, he avoids talking about the Church’s real approach to homosexuality at all. I am afraid he is nothing more than a carnival barker of a very specific type.


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