The only high-ranking Catholic Nazi to be excommunicated was Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels — because he married a divorced Protestant woman."The party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, without, however, allying itself to any particular denomination."
Article 24, Program of the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party"I swear by God this sacred oath that I shall render unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler, the Leader of the German empire, supreme commander of the armed forces, and that I shall at all times be prepared, as a brave soldier, to give my life for this oath."
German WWII Military Oath"Our religion is Christ, our politics Fatherland!"
— slogan of Hans Schemm, Bavarian Minister of Education and Culture during the Third Reich:
* Writings of a philosophical and social nature whose content deals with the false scientific enlightenment of primitive Darwinism and Monism (Häckel).
* All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk."Ein Folk, ein Reich, ein Führer." ("One People, one Reign, one Leader.")
— Hitler"We have one country, one Constitution and one future that binds us."
— President George W.


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