* As a result of declining prison admissions and excess bed space, DC closed eight prisons and seven work/forestry camps during FY 2011-12. This was part of an ongoing effort to evaluate DC’s use of resources, operate efficiently, and reduce costs to taxpayers. The prisons and camps closed were Mayo CI (Lafayette County), Glades CI (Belle Glade), Broward CI (Ft. Lauderdale), Demilly CI (Polk City), Gainesville CI (Alachua County), Hillsborough CI (Riverview), Indian River CI (Vero Beach), New River CI (Raiford), River Junction WC (Chattahoochee), Caryville WC (Washington County), New River “O” Unit (Raiford), Hamilton WC (Hamilton County), Columbia WC (Columbia County), Hendry WC (Immokalee), and Levy FC (Ocala). No inmates were released early as a result of these efforts and adequate bed space was maintained in order to accommodate projected prison admissions. However, Florida prison admissions have been steadily declining since FY 2007-08.


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