Society : Definition

According to Dictionary Reference:

-an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific,political, patriotic, or other purposes.

-a body of individuals living as members of a community; community.

-the body of human beings generally, associated or viewed as members of a community: the evolution of human society.

-a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members: American society.

-such a system characterized by its dominant economic class or form: middle-class society; industrial society.

Society : Definition

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:

: people in general thought of as living together in organized communities with shared laws, traditions, and values

: the people of a particular country, area, time, etc., thought of especially as an organized community

: people who are fashionable and wealthy

Forms of Competition
Personal and Impersonal Competition

Formal and Informal Competition

Intra and Inter Group Competition
Formal and Informal competition
Formal competition is that has structured rules and regulations.


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