The IACHR visited the city of Port-au-Prince and two cities in the interior of the country, Cap Haitien and Jacmel. The Commission met with the President of the Republic, Jean-Claude Duvalier, and other authorities of the three branches of government, as well as with Metropolitan Office of the Archbishop, members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Haitian government, civil society representatives, and local authorities, both civilian and military. The delegation received complaints and heard testimony from inhabitants of Haiti, as well as from spokespersons from a number of religious groups and representatives of professional and student associations, unions, and public and civic organizations. It visited the National Penitentiary of Port-au-Prince and local prisons in Cap Haitien and Jacmel, and was able to talk to prisoners freely and in private, including those who had expressed their desire to lodge complaints. The Commission also visited a number of factories, including Ciment d’Haiti, where there had been recent labor disputes, and met separately and in private with management, workers, and union leaders.


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