The Eastern concept of reincarnation where the soul passes through a cloud of forgetfulness upon entering the body in the process of rebirth, is based upon a profound ignorance of the soul or true self that remains in what is portrayed as the realm of souls. And in the same way that Gospel of Thomas saying 84 portrays the plight of the failed image as having come into being after the previous failed images of the soul -- i.e., -- those failed images can neither reincarnate, nor can they go to Glory as the Christians imagine. As failed images, they are very much as portrayed in the (above) Schofield Reference Bible as . And yet, when the higher reality of the soul is understood as being segmented and comprised of almost countless separate holographic conscious parts that comprise the Whole -- i.e., , writes St. Teresa, is as (Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila in ) -- only then can we begin to comprehend the plight of the failed images which the soul has generated into this world. And at the forgoing link I explore what St. Teresa portrays as , as the spiritual and mental embodiment of a Great Matrix of Mind within which each of the previous images which the soul-self has generated and lived, as existing in separate rooms within the mansion of the soul.


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