We are in the midst of cold air and an aroma of foods when going around to get our food. The air conditioner is always kept exceptionally cold. The smell of food differs slightly from day to day, but it is generally about the same. A whiff of teriyaki sauce comes from the stir-fries, cheese and sauce from the pizzas, and hot grease from the French fries and hamburgers. Mixed in with these is the scent of perfumes and colognes along with the occasional stench of body odor. The air is filled with sounds. Gossip, small talk, clanging plates, frying grease, and dropped dishes can all be heard. All of the food can be seen sitting in the metal bins. The variety creates a medley of colors. Green vegetables, red and white pizza, brown cookies, and brightly colored Jell-O all contribute to the rainbow. Taste is certainly not the only sense used in the cafeteria. All of the senses give the student a combined impression of their dining hall. When conversations are remembered, they are often accompanied by memories of the sights, smells, sounds, and feel of the cafeteria.


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