Girls of different ages respond to different kinds of invitations. You can simply tell a ten year-old or younger that the two of you will be joining a mother-daughter group to have a good time, learn things about growing up as a girl and make friends with other mothers and daughters, and she will probably be openly excited to join you. A girl who is eleven to fifteen will be secretly thrilled when you explain to her that now that she is getting so grown-up, you want to find ways to stay connected with her and have a good relationship. You can tell her that hanging out and doing activities with other girls and their moms would be a fun way to stay close, and on the first get-together you're all going to: (choose an activity that the mothers know the girls in the group would like, such as going to the beach or having a "girls night in" to watch a movie they all love.) At sixteen and older, your daughter will likely be pleased to hear that you want to understand her and stay close with her now that she's almost an adult, and that you would like to invite her to come with you to a gathering of other mothers and their daughters to relax and talk or do something fun together.


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