kakos - coward, base
kalon - noble; following the aristocratic agasthos standard of virtuous behavior
karteros - mighty
kedistui - bonds of close association (but not as close as philoi)
kemai - lie dead
ker - one's destined path
klea andron - famous deeds of heroes
kleos esthlon - noble glory
kleos - glory, often implying fame and immortality (in the memory of others),
achieved as a result of one's time (acts of excellence meriting honor)
kolpos - riverbed; also a woman's nurturing bosom
kratos - possessing higher social status
kredemna - battlements, also a woman's veil, emblem of her chastity
NOTE: The term kredemnon luesthai means both to sack a city and
to breach female chastity.
kudos - triumphant power or success resulting in glory, prestige and high rank
leistos - spoils or booty, as of war


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