The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program targets the problem of bullying at three levels: the school, the classroom and the individual. Designed for elementary and middle schools, the program addresses the problem of bullying with multiple strategies at each level. At the school level, students are given an anonymous questionnaire (25-45 minutes long) to assess the nature and prevalence of bullying at the school. The survey is administered in spring of the school year prior to program implementation. Secondly, the school administration convenes a conference day, during which program consultants and school staff discuss findings from the student questionnaire, familiarize themselves with the program and its effects (through discussions with program consultants, handbooks and videos), form a Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee, and plan for program implementation. The coordinating committee includes representatives from all constituencies involved with the school, i.e. administration, teachers, counselors, health professionals, parents and students. The school level component also involves increased adult supervision of school areas that are frequently the setting for bullying, i.e., the playground, cafeteria and restrooms.


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