Euphiletos produces many witnesses throughout his defense case,most of whom were his close friends. Witnesses were of monumentalimportance in the Athenian court system. Athenian court proceedingsrelied heavily upon word of mouth. This allowed for the testimoniesof the witnesses in a case to hold a great amount of emphasis inthese trials. Euphiletos uses this to his advantage, as many of hiswitnesses are those that he gathered on the night that he killedEratosthenes. Witnesses in these cases were brought to offer theirsupport for the speaker for who they represented and to attest towhat he was saying. The prosecution in this case were the kinsmenof the victim. They attempt to show that Euphiletos acted in apremeditated manner based on a previous quarrel between Euphiletosand Eratosthenes. They also make an effort to prove that theservant girl lured Eratosthenes to Euphiletos's house just so hecould be murdered.


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