I say 1,000% inflation that is known because it's muchmore than that. Have you ever wondered, as I used to, why don't we have more inflationthan we have had? I knew they were creating this money like crazy, why only thisinflation? And then I found out. Have you ever heard the expression that we're"exporting our inflation." Every once in a while you find that phrase in thefinancial section of the newspaper. It used to drive me crazy--how can you exportinflation? It's one of those phrases that people use and I'm not sure most of the peoplewho use the phrases know what they mean. Like the other day I read that the FederalReserve System bought dollars today to bolster up the dollar. How can you buy dollars?What do you buy it with? They buy it with other currencies, the Federal Reserve holds alot of different currencies, yens and deutsch marks and that kind of thing so they justswap currencies around.


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