Theyhad two children: Vsevolod Ioannovich, born on January 1, 1914, and CatherineKoannovna, born on July 12, 1915. The Prince was distinguished bya rare inclination for spiritual and religious matters and by his compassionfor the unfortunate. He was sensitive and unpretentious to soldiersand to those people who were victims of cruel fate. He rememberedthe testament of his father: "Do not betray your high calling and stayin your homeland." During the hours of his grievous exile, he comfortedhimself with the words of his poet father: "Blessed is he who smiles, whowith a joyful countenance bears his cross without complaint..."At all historical religious festivals, Prince John Konstantinovich servedas the representative of His Majesty the Emperor. In the spirit ofhis religious life, he was close to the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna,with whom he many hours discussing moral and religious questions. Although he was a family man, he was nonetheless a great man of prayer,of love and of pure devotion; he lived not for the dark, fleeting momentsof life, but rather for holy eternity, leaving his kin with a legacy oftruth, good, love and humanity.


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