LAWS of justice which Hammurabi,the wise king, established. A righteous law, and pious statute did he teachthe land. Hammurabi, the protecting king am I. I have not withdrawn myselffrom the men, whom Bel gave to me, the rule over whom Marduk gave to me,I was not negligent, but I made them a peaceful abiding-place. I expoundedall great difficulties, I made the light shine upon them. With the mightyweapons which Zamama and Ishtar entrusted to me, with the keen vision withwhich Ea endowed me, with the wisdom that Marduk gave me, I have uprootedthe enemy above and below (in north and south), subdued the earth, broughtprosperity to the land, guaranteed security to the inhabitants in theirhomes; a disturber was not permitted. The great gods have called me, Iam the salvation-bearing shepherd, whose staff is straight, the good shadowthat is spread over my city; on my breast I cherish the inhabitants ofthe land of Sumer and Akkad; in my shelter I have let them repose in peace;in my deep wisdom have I enclosed them. That the strong might not injurethe weak, in order to protect the widows and orphans, I have in Babylonthe city where Anu and Bel raise high their head, in E-Sagil, the Temple,whose foundations stand firm as heaven and earth, in order to bespeak justicein the land, to settle all disputes, and heal all injuries, set up thesemy precious words, written upon my memorial stone, before the image ofme, as king of righteousness.


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