Jack and Angelica briefly argued over which way to go until Blackbeard took Jack's compass and ordered him to jump over the high cliff. When Jack refused to jump, Blackbeard pulled out his pistol and threatened to kill Angelica. Though Sparrow didn't believe that he would kill his own daughter, Blackbeard had the placed his pistol with six more pistols, with only two of them being loaded, but with Blackbeard not knowing which. Jack thought that none of them were loaded, until he fired a loaded pistol into air. Jack then knew that Blackbeard was serious and was forced to either jump or choose again. Jack then asked the Quartermaster about the possibility of surviving the jump. The Quartermaster took and threw it into the river. Jack screamed as it fell, but the Quartermaster assured him that he would survive. When Angelica attempted to jump, Jack ran and jumped before her, successfully falling into the river unscathed. While Blackbeard and Angelica continued their search for the Fountain, Jack proceeded into finding the .


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