When the Apsáalooke first received the tipi they did not use stakes or pins, instead they used stones to set on the bottom portion of the lodge. The Apsáalooke refer to that time period as Biiakaashiisshipee, When They Placed Stones On Their Homes. The tipi rings that can be found on the Northern Plains are the stones that were used on the bottoms of the lodges. Many years after Yellow Leggings had brought the first tipis a man by the name of Big Metal was visited by the badger. The badger instructed Big Metal to fashion stakes and pins for the tipi. He told Big Metal that there was no force on earth that could move him from his home, because he could dig his claws into the earth. Therefore by making stakes the tipi could be similarly held tight to the ground so that even strong winds could not knock it down. To represent the badger's gift to the Apsáalooke, some people will make stripes out of the bark on their pins and stakes, to symbolize the stripes on the badgers back.


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