And that’s sad about the white farmers, but have you ever traced the events back to what propelled this course of action? European colonialism truly ruined that continent. If you can, put yourself in their shoes and imagine living your regular life – average – decent, and along comes a group of unknowns and lays claim to not only your territory, but your resources – your highest offices, implementing laws regulating you and yours to subhuman second class and merely throwing you a scrap here and there. Are you saying that you, too, wouldn’t run them off if given the chance? But now, only half of your problem is solved – the oppressors are gone – but most of you are barely literate (as colonialists didn’t see the point in educating what they deemed to be animals incapable of anything more than mundane manual labor) , much less qualified for delegating foreign and domestic policy for your people. So, now there exists a power vacuum in a community where diplomacy is an unknown and people take what they want (largely through violence). One coup is replaced by another and another. Given human/social psychology and human nature and adding that most of those people probably grew up with such instability, it fascinates me that people still act as if people like Mugabe just “happened” – monsters are generally created overtime – very few people appear to be born a monster straight from the chute.


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