It is important to point out at this stage that this Myth Cycle and MonoMyth idea act as a sort of complete template from which Mythological Hero Quest stories may be created, as in the case of the Star wars discussed early. Also vice versa, existing Hero Quest Myths found in the ancient cultures of the world may also be mapped to this MonoMyth template and corresponding stages or features identified. However it will not always be the case that a complete mapping can be made. That is, though just about all the worlds Hero
Quest Myths are made up of central elements contained in the MonoMyth, not all these myths will necessarily contain all the themes and stages outlined in the Mono-Myth. And in turn various Myths may contain unusual elements or themes that don’t quite fit in neatly with the Mono-Myth template. Yet the Mono-Myth can still be a useful guide for understanding the key aspects or motifs of the Worlds Hero Quest Myths. With these qualifications in place we’ll summarize the different stages of the Mono-Myth.


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