AIDS in the U.S. resident population

The number of persons with confirmed AIDS in the U.S. general population (age 13 and older) was derived from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HIV/ AIDS Surveillance Report, yearend editions 1999 to 2006. For each year the number of active AIDS cases in the United States was calculated by taking the cumulative number of total AIDS cases for persons age 13 or older at yearend (from the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report), minus estimated confirmed AIDS cases in state and federal prisons, and subtracting the cumulative number of AIDS deaths for people age 15 or older at yearend, minus estimated number of AIDS-related deaths in state and federal prisons.

The rate of confirmed AIDS cases in the U.S. general population was calculated by — dividing the annual total number of individuals with AIDS by the estimated U.S. general population (age 13 or older before 2000; age 15 or older since 2000) minus the state and federal custody population.


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