Make us, by the mystery ofthis Water and of this Wine, participators of the Divinity of Him, Who hathdeigned to make himself Participator of our humanity, Jesus Christ Thy Son, ourLord. Holy Church here puts before us, first of all, in bold relief, the Mysteryof the Incarnation, by means of this thought of the Water and the Wine beingmingled together in one potion; thus does she recall the union of the Humanityand the Divinity of Our Lord, and site asks of God that we too may participatein the Divinity of the Lord Himself, just as St. Peter expresses it, in hissecond Epistle: , that is tosay, that by the promises which were fulfilled in Jesus Christ, This deification, begun on earth bysanctifying grace, will be completed in heaven in glory. In the terrestrialParadise, the devil told Eve that if she and Adam would only follow his counsel,both of them should be as gods. Herein he lied; for then, as now, by thefaithful fulfilment of the divine precepts alone, can man ever attain unto God. In Heaven, we shall be as gods, not that we shall become so, by nature, but thatin the Beatific Vision, we shall see God even as He sees Himself, and our statewill be that of creatures placed immediately below the Divinity. Holy Church isbent on holding this Truth before our mental gaze, and she does so in thisPrayer, while speaking to us of the Incarnation of the Word, the very Principleof man’s true greatness.


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