"Who doesn't remember and love Tolkien's, the Hobbit. Serving as a mentor and inspiration to C.S. Lewis, Tolkien introduces the world to Middle-Earth and a new race of creatures including hobbits, trolls and wizards. Our protagonist is an unassuming homebody hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. He is coerced by the wizard Gandalf to commence a journey to seek treasure wrongfully acquired and jealously guarded by Smaug, a fire-breathing dragon. Borrowing from many other literary influences and Norse mythology, Tolkien created a fantasy world that not only won awards when it was first published in the 30's but still has mass appeal today. The timeless themes of good versus evil and the possibility that ordinary "people" could be called upon to perform EXTRAordinary feats remain just as relevant today as they did at the time of their writing. The Folio Society designed a beautiful cover consisting of a gold foil embossed pattern featuring our nemesis and Bilbo's - Smaug - at its center. "


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