Sometimes we use the term "eternal life" to refer only to that which happens to us after we die. But the biblical concept is quite different. In the Bible "eternal life" is nothing more or less than the life of God himself. Because He is eternal, the life He gives is eternal. And that life begins the moment a person believes. According to Jesus' own words, a believer "has", as a present possession, eternal life (John 3:36). He has "crossed over" from death to life. (John 5:24) He cannot "perish". (John 3:16) He will never be "driven away" by Christ. (John 6:37) Christ will lose none of those entrusted to his care. (John 6:39) And no one in all creation shall snatch a believer from the hand of Christ. (John 10:28) It is hard to imagine how words could be any plainer to express the security of a true believer.


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