Goethe in Faust and Shelley in , wrap their stories around Two men whose mental and physical actions parallel one another. Both stories Deal with characters, who strive to be the übermensch in their world. In Faust, The striving fellow, Faust, seeks physical and mental wholeness in knowledge And disaster in lust. In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein struggles for Control over one aspect of nature and disastrously, through the monster, nature Controls him to a much greater degree. Many powers are much too mighty for Mortal souls, a that Frankenstein and Faust learn by the end of their Tales. While voluntarily excommunicating themselves from society, both Characters accomplish a portion of their goal and yet they remain unhappy Because they never control the «perfect» life they have built for themselves. In Faust, the intelligent gentleman Faust, seeks spiritual wholeness in Knowledge. Through years of hard study, Faust becomes knowledgeable in math, Sciences and religion and yet he becomes inept and incapable of having any Romantic or physical relationships with the outside world. As Faust strives to Become the «over man» through knowledge, he realizes that will not Satisfy his curiosity and that maybe sensual pleasures will. Therefore, in The process of creating his new life, Faust, becomes distant and unconcerned With all reality and humanity around him.


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