We cannot underestimate the effect the Schiavo case had on the public. People saw that and later on said to themselves, "if they did it with Terri, I can do it with dear old Dad," or "Mom" or "Grandpa," "Grandma ...." It showed them the way. A long drawn-out lethal soap opera played out for all the world to digest. It's similar to the "lesson" Bill Clinton taught the younger generation about oral sex: "it's not 'real' sex." "The President said so!" Really? Well, many young men and women today believe Bill, and their behavior reflects his casual attitude toward it all. When such widely-covered stories are imprinted on the younger generations, it affects their values and beliefs. The Schiavo case was a great victory for the euthanasia movement, legally, publicly, and generationally. The medical killing happened within hospice! And just like Bill Clinton's "lesson" for the world, the euthanasia proponents have taught that hospice killing is "not real killing."


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