How does entitlement develop and become institutionalized across levels of rank/status within agencies ? Law enforcement by it's nature is required to perform tasks the majority of society cannot or will not perform. The tasks can range from dealing with violent situations. responding to tragic events, or dealing with the most unsavory aspects of society. Officers by seeing themselves dealing with situations that they alone must handle and control learn early in a police career that the position permits them authority to transgress certain social norms to perform job duties. Impacting freedom of movement of citizens, ingress and egress into citizen's private homes, emergency movement due to exigent circumstances that permit traffic laws to be suspended, even the capacity/responsibility to make lethal force decisions are part of the officers regular routine. Being exposed on a regular basis to "special authority" and at the same time being exposed on a daily basis to that element of society that operates without values, combines to severely challenge an officer's core values system. Unchecked authority operating in an ethical vacuum is a central component of all police corruption.


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