Hugh Matheson, Aged 32, married, hath 3 children from 8 to 2 years Old, also a Sister Kathrine Matheson aged 16, who emigrate with him, was a Farmer last at Rimsdale in the Parish of Kildonan in the County of Sutherland, Leaves his Country and goes to Carolina, because upon the rise of the price of Cattle some years ago the Rent of his Possession was raised from ? 2.16.0 to ? 5.10.0. But the price of Cattle has been of late so low, and that of Bread so high, that the Factor who was also a Drover would give no more than a Boll of Meal for a Cow, which was formerly worth from 50 sh to 3 ? and obliged the Tenants to give him their Cattle at his own price. That in these grassing Counties little Corn can be raised, and for some years past the little they had was in a great measure blighted and rendered useless by the frost which is common in the beginning of Autumn in the Inland parts of the Country. That in such Circumstances it seems impossible for Farmers to avoid Ruin, and their distresses heighten'd by the con?sumption of corn in distilling in a Grassing Country where little can be raised. That encouraged by his Friends already in America, he hath good hopes of bettering his Condition in that Country.


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