What can be done with the question of cause is to identify some of the properties the cause of the beginning would have to possess. If we believe that space and time came into existence at the beginning of the cosmos, then whatever the cause of the beginning was, it had to be outside of space and time. If one believes in God as the cause of the beginning, then that God would have to possess the capacity to function outside of space and time. If one looks for a scientific explanation, that explanation must come from entities that are outside the space/time continuum. Proposals such a super strings, branes, and the like suggest entities that lie outside of our four dimensions of X, Y, Z, and time. As many as eleven spacial dimensions are proposed in some of these models. The difficulty here is that once again the proposals of super strings and branes are not testable scientifically and not falsifiable. In recent years books like The Cosmic Landscape (Leonard Susskind) have suggested that these proposals are bad science because of this, but they are creative ways to try to get at the cause issue.


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