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Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 7:38 PM
Subject: Re: removing


I see it a bit differently. Instead of working on a better way to remove the drivepoint, I would first work on a way to prevent the pipe from breaking. I agree with you that the problem is most likely that you are running into rocks. When the drivepoint comes into contact with a rock, it makes a different sound—sort of a dull thud rather than the usual ping. Also, it doesn't go down. When you hear the dull thud and see it isn't going down, stop immediately. Failure to do so can cost you hundreds of dollars in equipment. But don't abandon the hole. Use an auger with an extension to turn the stone, then reinsert the drivepoint and continue. Are you using drivepoints with cast iron tips? If not, Supermike (his email identity) at Utica Pump Company in Utica, NY tells me they sell for $52 each (plus shipping). Where are the breaks occuring?


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